Youth Category Gear Restrictions

The following text is taken directly from the BC Handbook, road and track section. Gears are routinely checked at Youth racing events for road and track.

The maximum gear that can be selected and used on a bike must be within the stated roll back distance in the table below. Its easier if the gear distances are marked out on the ground using a long tape measure.

To measure:

  1. The bike must be in the maximum selectable gear
  2. Position the bike at a zero point on level ground with the cranks in a vertical position
  3. Roll the bike backwards (rear wheel leading) for one full revolution of the crank until the crank is vertical and exactly in its starting position
  4. Measure the exact distance the bike has travelled, using the crank as the start / stop point.

To adjust gears, use the lockouts to prevent the chain from using one or more of the smallest sprockets, and on many bikes you may need lock out the larger front chain ring. For serious riders, a “schoolboy” rear cassette is an option as is a compact from chainset with specific chainrings to achieve the appropriate gearing.

There are many suggested combinations for chainring and sprocket combinations for the maximum gear. It very much depends on your bike and whether you want to spend money on specific chainrings and rear cassettes, or make do with your bike as it is. More serious racers will use specific combinations.

3.3 Gear Restrictions

3.3.1 In all road events (other than events promoted in accordance with T.R. 7.12) juniors shall be restricted to a maximum gear such that the distance covered per crank revolution is 7.93 metres. The gear restriction shall not apply to seniors.

3.3.2 In all events other than under the provisions of 3.3.3 below, Youth category riders shall be restricted to maximum gears as shown in the following table.






YOUTH A6.93 metres6.93 metres7.93 metres
YOUTH B6.45 metres6.45 metres7.40 metres
YOUTH C6.05 metres6.05 metres6.94 metres
YOUTH D5.40 metres for all events.
YOUTH E5.10 metres for all events.

3.3.3 For open track meetings and roller racing events where a Youth A, B or C rider has received dispensation from BCHQ to compete against riders of an older category, then the rider shall be permitted to utilise the gearing applicable to that older category.