Sports Science and Cycling

Sport Science LaboratoryIt is vital for elite and International riders to gain as much advantage over a competitor as possible, and to gain fractions of a second can mean the difference between a gold medal and no medal at all.

Sports Science is the science applied to sporting activities, to identify scientifically where improvements can be made. cycling related  examples are:

  • Testing the aerodynamics of a rider in a wind tunnel
  • Analysing the position of a rider when pedalling
  • Checking the power generated by a rider over a period of time
  • Analysing a riders heart rate during a ride to see how hard a rider has worked.

Some elements of sports science can be used within training programmes of riders wanting to improve their performance, using readily available equipment such as a heart rate monitor with an understanding of how the science is applied.

Sport Science Laboratories have much more complex equipment for many types of analysis.