RDP Structure 2015

Support from Dare2b sponsorship opens up significant opportunities to develop the club at all levels including Rookies and Skillz groups and moves forward many of our aspirational goals contained within the club development plan.

Primary sponsorship from Dare2b is focused on riders who are Youth B second year (age 14+) up to under 23 and will be known as Dare2b RDP (Rider Development Programme).  Dare2bRDP riders will be selected on combined criteria that lead to selection and invitation. This will be based upon, but not limited to – attendance at club sessions, attitude and behaviour, level of perceived commitment, performance, return of weekly training diaries on time etc.

Support will also filter down to the youngest members of CSP with a kit update that retains our colours and much of our overall jersey look but include new sponsor branding.

Dare 2b RDP will have a new race and training kit design. Additional support from Beacon and Hope will be recognised on all kit using their logos.

Fundamentally there will be another layer of development with CSP Skillz/RDP – minimum Youth C second year, age 11+, aimed at exceptional riders who may have moved through the Rookies and Skillz groups but are considered too young to join RDP/ Dare2b RDP or who are not quite ready to commit fully to the work load or race commitments at the higher level i.e. progression to Dare2b RDP.

CSP Seniors – this section of the club will be for all riders over 18 and non Dare2b RDP riders over 16.

Junior (16+) and Under 23 riders can be considered for Dare2b RDP if demonstrating the required qualities and commitment.


CSP Rookies & CSP Skillz – existing club kit and proposed new rebranded kit (generally ages 7 – 11)

CSP Skillz/ RDP – existing club kit and proposed rebranded kit + selected Dare2b branded training kit at           cost/subsidised, as used by Dare2b RDP riders (generally ages 12 – 16)

CSP Seniors –(any rider over 16) existing club kit and proposed rebranded kit + selected Dare2b branded training kit at  cost/subsidised, as used by Dare2b RDP riders. Riders age 16-23 can be considered for Dare2b RDP at any time.

Dare2b RDP – riders selected from second year Youth B up to U23. Riders will use new design Dare2b race kit and branded Dare2b training kit and leisure wear.  Additional support provided by Beacon, Hope Technology and The Green Jersey.