Cycling for All

Fast or leisurely, challenging or fun, clean or muddy, there is something for everyone with so many types of cycling.

There are distinct forms of cycling, from commuter and round town cycling, to full out racing. Cycling has developed into specialised areas, with machines designed for specific tasks:

  • Commuter
  • Road
  • Track
  • Mountain Bike
  • BMX
  • Cyclocross
  • Time Trial
  • Speedway

Some of these have developed a competitive element, some for leisure purposes. The following ages provide more information.


Winter Fun:  Cyclo-Cross (often abbreviated to "Cross") is generally an autumn and winter sport. Massed starts make for exciting races, usually no more than an hour in length and shorter for juniors, women and veterans. There are races for younger ...

Leisure Cycling

Basics Leisure cycling takes many forms and can be enjoyed by all ages. It's about enjoyment, fitness, exploring, and much more. You may cycle purely for leisure on or off road, for purposeful transport to and from work or school, or to chill out after...

Mountain Biking

There are three types of mountain bike racing, downhill, four cross and Cross-Country & Marathon. Locally, mountain biking is a very popular leisure activity with many trails and tracks in and around the Pendle area combining elements of downhill...

Road Cycling

The Basics:  Road Racing is massed-start cycle racing on roads or circuits (criterium races). The first rider over the finish line wins, with anything from a few to almost 200 competitors, depending on the event. In the UK, events range from short Yo...

Track Cycling

Fast and Furious:  Track racing is the type of cycling at which Great Britain does very well at the Olympic Games. It is fast, furious and requires significant skill and judgment. Most track riders are racers, some do it for training and exciting leisure, ...