Road Racing

This section of the website lists the Competitions that our younger club members might be interested in.

  • These events are mainly North West, but some in other areas and national.
  • For our senior riders, please search the BC website, there is too much to list here.
  • On this page regional leagues are at the top, followed by higher level regional races and race series, followed by National events.
  • There are midweek criterium race leagues in the North West, all have Youth races: Pendle, Lancaster, Tameside, Liverpool, SB Sports Hub.
  • There is also the well established Yorkshire White Rose Youth League, please check the BC website.
  • Please visit the appropriate website for full details of each event, using the links below and the BC road calendar.
  • The entries on this page will be updated before each season with current dates as they become available.
  • NOTE: You must have bike gearing for your age category in line with BC rules, your bike WILL be checked.
  • For 2016, new rules for Youth B,C,D and E is a maximum rim depth of 35mm for road bikes.
  • There may be additional one off events, please see the BC website.

The North West Youth League is recommended as a step up from local midweek races for CSP riders.

NEW rules for 2017: NO laps out in circuit races at all. Riders with issues can fix then chase.

Local Midweek Circuit Series


CDPP Criterium Races – Steven Burke Sports Hub – Thursday evenings 2017

Starting date 20th April 2017

Youth A/B/C 6:30pm

Regional C+ 3/4th cat 7:00pm

Regional C+ E/1/2/3 7:45pm


Salt Ayre Cog Set 2016 Youth Race Series – Wednesday, Salt Ayre Sports Centre, Lancaster

Starting Wednesday 26th April 2017

Youth D/E race 6:30pm – 4 laps

Youth C race 6:45pm – 9 laps with primes

Youth A/B race 7:15pm – 18 laps with primes

Signing on 6:10pm. Cost £4 (ABC), £3(DE) with BC race licence, £1.50 for day licence.

See BC website for full details.


TCDG Tameside Circuit Races – Tuesday Evenings, run by the Tameside Cycling Development Group

This is a 20 week summer long race series for all age groups, excellent for racing beginners.

Starting Tuesday 4th April 2017

The races are at the Tameside Cycling Circuit, Richmond Street, Ashton under Lyne, OL7 9HG. 

Youth D/E race 6:30pm

Youth A/B/C race 6:45pm

2/3/4 rider category 7:15pm

4th Cat only 8:30pm / Womens only race 2nd Tuesday of each month instead of 4th Cat race

TBC League entry £5 for Youth, £10 senior, no registration for women’s only race.

See BC website for full details.


Litherland Circuit League Race – Wednesday Evenings, Litherland Sports Park, L21 7LA

This is a 20 week summer long race series for all age groups, excellent for racing beginners.

Starts 12th April 2017

Youth D/E race 6:15pm

Youth A/B/C race 6:30pm

3/4 rider category with women E1234  7:00pm

E123 rider category  7:30pm

See BC website for full details.


The Lewis Balyckyi Glasdon Crit Series -Thursday Evening, Preston Sports Arena

Starts 30th March 2017

Category 3/4 race each week

Category E123 race starting week 3

NO youth races in 2017.


Pedalsport Spring Circuits – Saturdays

Hammerstones Circuit

Youth and seniors races

Pedalsport Summer Circuits – Thursdays

Hammerstones Circuit

Start 11th May 2017

Youth and seniors races



Single Local / Regional Events


Pedal Pendle Festival 2017

24th September 2017

Steven Burke Sports Hub

Sportif events

Day or racing for most age categories and ability at the Steven Burke Sports Hub.

Details to follow shortly.


North West Youth Circuit Championships 2017

Sunday 7th May 2017

Victoria Park Southport

Youth A to E, boys and girls events.


Yorkshire Day at the Races – Series in York

York Cycle Circuit

Races for all youth categories, Women’s only race, 4th Cat only race, and 234 Cat race.

See BC website for full details


Molarclean Clitheroe Grand Prix 2017

Friday 16th June 2017

Town centre criterium races in Clitheroe on closed roads.

Youth A and B 18:30

Cat 234 19:15

E123 20:15


Horwich Festival of Racing

Saturday 17th June 2017

Youth B 19:00

Youth A 19:30

E123 20:00




Regional Series / League

Terry Dolan Youth Circuit Races 2017 – 3 consecutive Saturdays

Saturday 18th March 2017

Saturday 25th March 2017

Saturday 1st April 2017

  • Ideal for beginners and experienced riders alike.
  • Start time 9:30am for all age groups, get there early!
  • Two races per day

This is a series of 3 race events, on 3 consecutive Saturdays: 14th, 21st and 28th March 2015, starting 9:30am. Suitable for beginners and experienced riders, on a flat and safe circuit – but it can get windy.

Run by Southport CC, held at Victoria Park Southport, PR8 2BZ (This postcode takes you to the car park of the restaurant which cannot now be used. Use the park and ride car park across the park near the promenade). The Southport CC HQ is near the restaurant.

The entry fee is for all 3 events if entered in advance online.

There are 2 races each day, the first is a long race, the second a short race.

Full details are in the BC website calendar, select Youth only and England, North West.


North West Youth League 2017

  • 6 events for 2017
  • Including 1 Cycle Speedway and 1 Cyclocross
  • Ideal for beginners and experienced riders alike.
  • Start time 10am for all age groups, please sign on by 9:30am
  • Two races per day
  • Youth A/B Girls only race, not with the boys.

Visit the BC website for all the up to date information and any changes.

See North West Youth League website for events and series information and rules.




National Youth Circuit Series 2017

Please see the BC website for full details. 

This series is for EXPERIENCED riders competing well at local and regional events. 

For CSP riders that does not necessarily mean you need to be competitive against the best, it does mean you will need to reasonably competitive in regional wide races otherwise you may find yourself being pulled out of a race not long after you start it. To gain experience, try the more local ones if you can get in that is!

IMPORTANT: Overall standing in the National Youth Circuit Series is used as a selection criteria for the National Championships.

Sunday 26th March

Lee Valley

Friday 28 – Sunday 30th April

IOM Youth Tour, Isle of Man

Saturday 27 – Monday 29 May

NW Youth Tour, North West

Saturday 3 June

Hillingdon Slipstreamers Circuit Races, Hillingdon

Saturday 18 June

Crit under the Castle, Stirling

Sunday 13 August

Scarborough Festival of Cycling, Scarborough


Isle of Man Youth Tour 

The Isle of Man youth tour is a Youth and Junior stage race. There are 3 races in each age category Youth A,B,C,D,E and Junior:

  • Time trial along the promenade in Douglas on the Friday evening
  • Road races / crit on the Saturday
  • Road races / crit on the Sunday.

The races take place at various locations. For youth riders it’s on closed roads or the Douglas crit circuit. For the Juniors, races are on demanding open road circuits.

This is part of the National Youth Circuit Series. Competitors come from all over the UK, making this one of the most competitive Youth / Junior road racing events. This event is for riders with regional race experience and performing well at regional events.

You need to enter in advance and book accommodation and ferry. There are package deals available for competitors. Note that car parking is time limited on the promenade in Douglas, this can be a problem!


North West Youth and Junior Tour

On the weekend of Saturday to Monday 

This is a 3 day series for all Youth age categories (A-C) with some racing experience as its 5 stages over the 3 days. Open to all youth riders, and many come from all over the UK. The long races are close to the maximum distance allowed for youth races, so this series is only recommended for riders who are capable and are competing in weekly regional crits as a minimum. As a local national level event, this is a good place to try racing at this level.

The Junior event is for WOMEN. The Junior men have a separate national series.

This is part of the National Youth Circuit Series. Competitors come from all over the UK, making this one of the most competitive Youth / Junior road racing events. This event is for riders with regional race experience and performing well at regional events.

Day 1 Saturday – Lancaster

Day 2 Sunday – 

Day 3 Monday – 

Entries in advance only.


Youth Individual Major Events

These events are not part of the national series, but attract experienced riders.

Youth Tour of Scotland – April

Open to Youth A boys in teams of 4 riders and Youth A and B girls in teams of 3 or 4 riders. 

Usually a 4 stage event, it is demanding.

The costs per team (with one helper) includes full board with meals and race entries.



National Youth Circuit Championships

Milton Keynes – Sunday 9th July 2017

The difference here is that for each age category the race distance is at the maximum permitted for youth circuit races, whereas few if any other events are at that distance. The top riders in the UK will be competing. Where the number of entries exceeds the maximum field riders will be selected based on:

  1. National  Circuit Series standings
  2. Position in the BC rankings
  3. Riders holding licences in the name of the promoting club
  4. Riders residing in the BC region of the promoting club

Although there is an U10 and U8 race, these are non-championship and tend to be local riders or siblings of older riders.

See BC website