Cyclocross Racing

This section of the website lists the Competitions that our club members might be interested in. These are mainly North West, but some in other areas and national. There are regional events in Yorkshire that are close to us over summer.

Please visit the appropriate website for full details of each event, using the links below and the BC cyclocross calendar. See also the NWCCA website


NWCCA League Sep-Jan each year

This is a series of around 15 cyclocross events each season at various locations around the North West. Racing for all the family: Senior, Vets, Women and Junior, Youth U14/U16, and Youth U12/U10. This is an excellent place for riders to take part in their first bike race.

There are 5 races at each event: 

11am – Youth, 30 minutes. This uses the main course, with a section taken out to reduce lap times.

11:45: Under12, 15 minutes. a longer version of the U10 course.

12:10: Under10, 10 minutes. A short course, generally flat.

12:45: Veteran and Women, 40 minutes. The full course is used.

14:00: Senior and Junior, 50-60 minutes. The full course is used.

Check the NWCCA and BC website weekly, more information at

Yorkshire Summer Cyclocross Series

A series of off-road events mainly in West Yorkshire, so close to the Pendle area. 

There is significant support for these events from North West riders over summer, with races fro all age categories.



National Trophy Series

This is the national cyclocross series with 6 rounds each season, at various venue. Each round has races for Youth (U14/U16), Junior, Senior, Vets and Women.

Although open to all riders, to be competitive a rider needs to be doing well at regional events to consider taking part. Some of the best cyclcross riders in the country take part in this series such as Paul Oldham.

Organisers may put on races for the U12’s, but these are aimed at local riders, and do not form part of the National Series.