CSP Skillz Group


Welcome to CSP Skillz, CSP riders generally age 10+ to 14 *

What’s it about?

This is a natural progression from the CSP Rookies and is where big strides are made in rider confidence, bike handling ability and all the skills necessary to progress and develop.

Through enjoyable but challenging coached sessions, this group will start to understand fitness, exercise, and healthy eating. Riders in the Skillz group will also work towards goals and levels of achievement. There will now be a physical element to progression, advice and guidance will be offered to riders and parents with a view to develop ‘riding time’ over and above club sessions.

* This is a guide only and dependent on rider progress & experience.


What’s expected of riders?

We expect riders to regularly attend CSP sessions, enjoy themselves and progress. Simple! There is absolutely no requirement for riders to race or compete. However CSP Skillz will prepare riders thoroughly if they do. Club kit is available for all ages but is not a requirement at club sessions or at organised regional race meetings.

What can CSP Skillz riders achieve?  What can they expect?

  1. More advanced and race related training activities at CSP regular sessions
  2. Organised rides for CSP youngsters and accompanying parents (see CSP Club Runs)
  3. Challenging led rides with experienced senior riders and/or coaches (rider selection applies, see Road Riding below).
  4. Understand mechanics and working parts.
  5. Opportunities to race in all disciplines, including Velodrome and track leagues when the time is right.
  6. To progress with the CSP Award scheme
  7. CSP organised club ‘taster’ sessions at Manchester Velodrome.

What’s expected of parents?

Parents have a role too! Support and encouragement, there should be no pressure to perform or become over competitive. There are a few practical ones too! Instil good time keeping, sportsmanship, co-operation and above all friendship. It’s great when parents get involved, volunteer, are committed, and become part of the CSP team.

Parents: please read our CSP codes of conduct – this is very important.

If parents have any questions, queries or would like feedback on rider progression please make contact by phone or in person at the end of club sessions only.

What happens after CSP Skillz?

Towards the end of your time in Skillz, normally second year ‘youth B’ (minimum fourteen and a half) there will be opportunities to join RDP sessions (Rider Development Programme) and ultimately be involved with all RDP activities providing you are a first claim CSP member. We stress here that although this is a natural progression and there is no selection process the coaches have the timing of a rider’s move at their discretion. We would expect riders to have experienced or achieved most of points 1 to 7 above and additional CSP Award points.

Road Riding

Coaches will select riders to join disciplined road rides accompanied by Adult CSP riders and/or coaches. Riders will be selected for this group under the strict guidance of coaches only. Parents are not permitted on these rides