CSP Rider Awards

CSP Award CertificateRiders, gain your rider award certificates by successfully completing cycling skills.

You will be challenged, but at the same time encouraged to successfully complete each skill.

How does it work

  • Coaches of the Rookies and Skillz groups keep a record of activity at each session
  • At club training sessions, we will usually cover one or more skill
  • Skill tasks are in groups. It may take one or more sessions to cover all skills in a group
  • Each skill group is awards either 1 point for trying, 2 points for achieving
  • You receive a certificate for gaining 10, 20, 30, 40 etc award points

How are skills assessed

Riders are expected to complete the tasks competently and confidently, demonstrating mastery of each task to a high level. Beginners will be encouraged to complete the task, to a level appropriate for each rider. 

BSCA Trix Awards

The TRIX awards are a set of cycling achievement awards by BSCA. Some of the TRIX tasks are in the CSP awards scheme, so you should be able to achieve those as well. There is a small cost to get the TRIX awards.