Cluster Track Sessions

In 2011, BC and the Manchester Velodrome arranged for allocated track time for Accredited Go-Ride club riders aged between 9 and 16.

There are 6 clusters, each allocated a 3 hour session approximately every 7 weeks, on a Sunday afternoon 12-3pm. CSP is in the Lancashire cluster with:

  • Red Rose Olympic
  • Ribble Valley Juniors
  • Bolton Hotwheels
  • Salt Ayre Cog Set
  • Blackpool YCA

Tom Leviers (BC  Go-Ride coach) books the session with the Velodrome, and CSP coaches help at these sessions.

All riders must have BC Membership. The cost includes bike hire. Shoe hire (if needed) is extra. Each club will be allocated 8 places, split as follows:

  • 2 complete novices or 2nd / 3rd time on the track (Red Group)
  • 4 beginners/up to the blue line (Red/Amber Group)
  • 2 More experienced/newly accredited riders (Amber/Green Group)

How do I get onto a cluster track session ?

Riders are selected for cluster sessions who are interested in racing in the track league. This process will take 12-18 months of cluster sessions. It is not a top up for a Friday nights SQT’s. These sessions are aimed at riders who can’t access the track regularly or are just starting on the rider pathway.

  • We will email members and post information on the website prior to each session. Please note that not all members will be accepted.
  • Members will enter online and pay for the session using the BC website
  • You will receive a formal acceptance some days or even weeks later, after all entrants have been checked, with priority given to riders on previous cluster sessions working towards accreditation.

 What do I bring with me to a cluster session?

  • BC Membership Card
  • A cycling helmet in good condition
  • Suitable footware for riding. If you have your own shoes and bike, bring them. The hire bikes have Look Delta Cleats, so Look Delta compatible cycling shoes or you can hire them on the day, but not for small shoe sizes. The alternative is training shoes or similar, using Velodrome toe straps to fasten you into the bike pedals. You can’t change hire bike pedals.
  • Tight fitting leggings, trousers or shorts. Padded cycling shorts are helpful here.
  • Track mits, or fingerless cycling gloves if you have them.
  • Drinks. Fluid intake is important.
  • Snack to nibble.

How does the session run?

  • IMPORTANT: Please arrive by 11:30am.
  • Go to the Velodrome side of the NCC, down the steps, up the ramp to the rider “D” area.
  • Sign on to the cluster session
  • You will need to get your hire bike, sort out toe straps, cleats or hire shoes. Coaches will help with this process.
  • Coaches will set the saddle height for each rider
  • Please listen to the rider briefing
  • Riders will sit in their groups when not on the track, with their bags, drinks etc with them
  • Parents are asked to sit in the stands away from the children, unless they are helping with the session.

To pass the accreditation we are looking for:

  • Competently ride a series of skills exercises
  • Take part in races in a composed and controlled manner
  • Correct procedure for entering the track, starting / stopping, leaving the track
  • Looking correctly before moving – we need to see a rider looking
  • Riding a smooth line – not all over the track. Ride on a line when asked
  • Good speed judgement – rider must keep an even pace in a group
  • Closely holding a wheel in front, about a wheel apart
  • Moving up the track slightly if getting too close – not back pedalling or under-lapping
  • Looking relaxed when riding, especially in a group
  • Maintaining a pace
  • Overtaking round the outside
  • Ride confidently at the top of the track (lumps and bumps, stacking)
  • Controlled response to unexpected situations (usually in the scratch race)
  • Following the instructions of the coach – this is important.

Important Information – please read!

These are not taster sessions (they can be done through the club or individually). These sessions are to get a rider the necessary skills to pass accreditation and progress to track racing. It is crucial both for the riders development and the coaches assessment riders attend as many sessions as possible.

If riders are already riding in the track league then these sessions aren’t for them.

Riders who race the track leagues are not eligible for the cluster sessions, enabling us to cater for more riders who genuinely need the track time. Newly accredited riders are welcome should they want to attend if not riding the track league.