CSP Coaching Programme

Cycle coaching at Cycle Sport Pendle is driven by ability, age and enthusiasm.

For club members there is a series of awards to aim for and achieve, based around skills completed successfully. This is fully explained on our rider awards page.

The Rookies, our beginner and often younger riders.

Rookies enjoy fun, but structured learning sessions, they will learn all the basic skills and techniques in a safe and above all fun environment, and may even have a go at some fun cycle races.

Rookies can start young at 7 years of age. We encourage parents to get involved at this early stage.

Next up the CSP Skillz Group, our skills development group for riders 10+ to 14.

As this group starts to show real determination we challenge them, but not too hard, that’s for later.

Some will have started racing in the youth categories, Mountain biking, Velodrome, Road Circuits and Cyclo Cross. It’s fun, low key and enjoyable.

The Rider Development Programme (RDP) supports and develops riders from 2nd year Youth B through the Youth A and Junior categories giving appropriate coaching and guidance as their needs change.

The support team of coaches and mentors enables riders to step up from regional to national level, and provides an aspirational pathway for the younger riders to follow. Access to BC Regional and National Schools of Racing.

CSP RookiesCSP Rookies
CSP SlillzCSP Slillz

To learn more about the ‘Rookies‘  ‘Skillz Group‘ and the ‘RDP‘ click the links and go to their respective home pages for news, views, pictures and of course all the information you need.