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We welcome local young riders including new and novice riders. You will meet other young riders in our local area with an interest in sport and cycling, make new friends and participate in cycling events.

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  • Due to the interest in cycling, we now operate a staggered waiting list for membership which is open to children 7 years of age and over.
  • We now offer an assessment session to enable us to check your level of ability and skill so that we can place you in an appropriate group. There will be 3 places available every 7 weeks. The assessment will include some basic techniques including the ability to use gears and brakes.Providing a rider’s skills are satisfactory they will be offered a place on a 4 week induction which will be integrated within existing groups.
  • Please use the form below to request a place on the next available assessment session.  New riders must be able to ride unaided, have a bike in good mechanical condition and must have gears. Mountain bikes, Cyclocross Bikes and Road Bikes are all acceptable.
  • The 4 induction sessions cost £15 total paid in advance and non refundable. The 4  induction sessions must be completed within 5 consecutive weeks. Once completed the rider will be offered a membership at the club and will be able to take advantage of membership benefits.  Riders who are unable to complete the 4 induction sessions may apply again.
  • We will ask you to complete a parental consent form at the assessment session, and a parent or guardian is expected to stay during the session.
  • CSP has a limited number of bikes and helmets for hire if you need these, and only available for a limited period. (£1 per session payable on the day).

For children under the age of 7, there are no regular sessions at present.

Please leave details using the form below about yourself (parent or guardian) and what interests you most about cycling, a CSP coach will get back to you either using your email details or telephone.  Please include a phone number where we can contact you.

To Join – Adult Riders

Please contact us with your details using the form below, or call the CSP Club Development Officer Peter Boast, evenings 01282 862855


Youth / Junior Membership Fee: £10 per year – CSP-T8-Club-Membership-Form – pdf

Senior / Adult Membership: £20 per year – CSP-T8-Club-Membership-Form – pdf
Family Membership Fee: £30 per year – CSP-T8-Club-Membership-Family-Form – pdf

Fee per session: Members – £10 per rider per month


If you would like more information please call the CSP Club Development Officer Peter Boast, evenings 01282 862855

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