Club Clusters of Training

What are CCT Sessions

These are BC facilitated training sessions for Youth A and B riders, at a s step between club activity and the more rigorous RSR. CCTs are intended for riders who are actively racing at Regional level or higher.

Riders must be BC members and booking is in advance using the BC online booking system.

Road CCT sessions are run over winter, track CCT sessions over summer.

Road CCT

In 2015 / 2016 across the North West we have three Club Cluster of Training sessions on the closed road circuits averaging 75 riders each week in attendance across the region at the following three circuits:

  • Tameside Circuit
  • Litherland
  • Salt Ayre Sports Arena

The CCTs are schedule to run for 20 weeks from October to March on  Tuesday evening.

The sessions are geared towards improving the all round racing ability of young riders, with a mix of endurance, skills and tactical experience. The sessions allow for the varying ability of riders who attend.

RSR riders and Apprentice riders are encouraged to attend, as these sessions are weekly.

Track CCT

2 hour track CCT sessions run on a Tuesday evening at Manchester Velodrome from March to October each year, for accredited racing track riders.

The sessions run in blocks, repeating over the summer. In 2015 each block was 5 sessions: standing starts, team pursuit, flying efforts, then 2 weeks Madison. For many riders the CCT sessions will be their first exposure to these 4 specific aspects of cycle sport, all of which are essential for progression in competitive track cycling.

Riders aiming for RSR nomination are expected to be regular attenders at the CCT sessions, to allow a higher level of work at RSR sessions.