BC Rider Workshops

Three workshops are delivered by British Cycling across December and January covering the Racing pathway, Training and Planning and Roller and Turbo sessions, all three workshops will take place at the National Cycling Centre.

Racing Pathway

This is intended for all riders, including those new to any part of the pathway, Youth A, B and C riders.

This helps pre-RSR and pre-CCT riders understand the racing and training opportunities available to them. This workshop will discuss the racing pathway, the difference between local, regional and national races and introduces you to contacts from the Go-Ride coaching team and Great Britain Coaching team.


Rollers and Turbo Workshop

This workshop is for Youth A and B riders.

This workshop will cover the difference between rollers and turbo trainers and how they can be used in relation to training needs.  Riders will get the chance to see and experience the British Cycling world class warm up and take part in other training sessions.

Riders need to use their road bike, and bring a turbo trainer and set of rollers with them. Suitable kit and change of clothes, drinks and snacks are essential.

Training and Planning Workshop

Strictly for Youth A and second year Youth B riders, who are serious about training to compete. Clubs will normally advise individual riders to attend this workshop.

This workshop will discuss the specifics of what training riders should be doing, how often they should be training, how to plan training and races, which events they will be prioritising moving forward and different types of intensity and volumes of training.

Riders on the Apprentice programme are already using the tools and processes outlined in this workshop. RSR riders serious about progressing are expected to be using the training and planning tools. CCT riders are strongly encouraged to go to this workshop, with a view to starting to take ownership of their own progression.