BC Rider Workshops

Attention Youth riders! (and their parents/coaches) – 2018 Rider Workshops    

 The North West team of British Cycling have organised a series of two youth workshops to support riders and clubs in the lead up to the 2018 racing season.  These workshops have been produced in conjunction with the GB cycling team, and will be presented by British Cycling North West Go-Ride coaches – Craig Ansell, Simon Wilson and John Wych.    Each of the two workshops are being held in both Manchester and Liverpool, with venues/dates for other parts of the region to be announced shortly.   We are encouraging riders to book on to the workshop at the location that is closest or most convenient for them.    

 Workshop 1 –  Racing Pathway and Training/Planning

When and where –

Thursday 8th February 7-9pm, National cycling Centre, M11 4DQ – meet at main reception,

Thursday 15th February, Liverpool (venue TBA)

Who is it for – Youth A, B and C Riders (Born in years 2002 – 2007)

What should riders bring – Note pad and paper

Content – This Racing Pathway workshop will discuss the racing pathway, the difference between local, regional and national races. The Training/Planning workshop will discuss the specifics of what training riders should be doing, how often they should be training, how to plan training and races, which events they will be prioritizing moving forward and different types of intensity and volumes of training.

 Workshop 2 – Rollers and Turbos

When and where –

Thursday 15th February, 7 – 9pm, National Cycling Centre, M11 4DQ – Velodrome Track Centre,

Thursday 22nd February, Liverpool (venue TBA)    

Who is it for – Youth A and B Riders (Born in years 2002 – 2005)

What should riders bring – Note pad and paper, rollers and turbo and road bike (we may be able to provide rollers/turbo if you don’t have your own, these will need to be pre-booked before the workshop).

Content – This workshop will cover the difference between rollers and turbo trainers and how they can be used in relation to training needs. Riders will get the chance to see and experience the British Cycling world class warm up and take part in other training sessions.  Please note that riders should already have some competence in riding rollers – this is not a ‘learn to ride rollers’ session.  


Coaches and parents are welcome (and encouraged!) to attend both these workshop sessions in order to learn more about these topics and help their riders.  Please pass on to anyone that may be interested in attending.  


Please contact Simon or Craig to confirm your place for the Manchester workshops.

simonwilson@britishcycling.org.uk   Mobile: 07534 281258   

craigansell@britishcycling.org.uk     Mobile: 07940 302190

Please contact John to confirm your place for the Liverpool workshops:

johnwych@britishcycling.org.uk, Mobile: 07712 324801.