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The website and picture gallery is managed by a website editorial subgroup of CSP: Ashton Payne, Len Woffindin, Nicola Hawthorn and Christine Woffindin.

Send reports, event information, and any other suggested update to:


Your e-mail goes to all members of the editorial group.

Please follow the guidelines below when submitting content:

  • Race reports and news items must include all riders involved, one or two photos will be accepted. A news item about an individual will be acceptable for exceptional situations and performances.
  • Race reports from every individual race such as regional weekly crits are not required, we will be swamped!
  • Suggested changes to other pages to keep the website current will be accepted for consideration. These will be reviewed and approved by the editorial group for before update.
  • Multiple photos will be posted on our Picasa gallery, and should not be e-mailed as this can block your own e-mail box and ours. Please contact one of the editorial group for advice.
  • All content must be factually correct, and must conform to codes of conduct adopted by CSP.
  • There must be no content copied from elsewhere, unless you have written permission, this includes photos, documents and any other copy. We dont want to get involved with copyright issues.
  • The website editors reserve the right to edit the submitted content.
  • The editors aim to add new news, race reports, calendar updates within 72 hours, however this may not always be possible.

Please send updates to updates@cyclesportpendle.org.uk. Your e-mail goes to all members of the editorial group.

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